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Manhattan Florist Updates

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Breathe In The Joy: Office Plants Can Make You Feel Better

purify the air with indoor botanicals

Spring Cleaning – Start with the Office Air The average American spends ninety percent of their lives indoors. If you’re a hard working New Yorker, odds are you’re inside even longer than that. It’s a decision that might make sense professionally, but it can have a toll on your health. Being away from the great… Continue Reading »

Make an Office Birthday Bright

February Birthday Flowers

It’s easy to brighten a colleague’s birthday when you rely on your Manhattan florist to send the most beautiful arrangement. Let’s face it; we probably spend more time with our co-workers than with our own family. Most of us develop close relationships with the people we work with, which is why it’s nice to recognize… Continue Reading »

Flowers- Increasing Workplace Productivity and Making Great Impressions

Image features tall city business buildings and on each side a bright colorful flower arrangement

It’s easy to bring life back to the office after the holidays have passed. Just order some luscious New York flowers to enliven employees, enhance productivity and make lasting impressions with perspective clients. A business’ employees are the first people to procure clients; the face everyone sees when they walk through the door and the… Continue Reading »

Corporate Flowers Increases Productivity, Reduces Stress

Flower Deliveries in NYC Office - Let Productivity Bloom

Boosting productivity in the workplace is as easy as placing fresh blooms in the office. The daily pressures of a busy office can be stressful and can often lead to a lack of productivity and illness. Receiving weekly corporate flower deliveries will benefit your business and your employees greatly. A study conducted by Dr. Roger… Continue Reading »

Flower Arrangements, Your Clientele & First Impressions

Variety of NYC Corporate Flower Arrangements

Beautifully designed floral and botanical displays have an irrefutably positive effect on your employees, but what do they provide for your clientele? THE EYE’S QUICK RESPONSE First impressions are key. Take every opportunity to tell the customer that yours is a space where they are welcome and treated professionally. Having a stand-out floral arrangement in… Continue Reading »