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Brooklyn has become an exciting home-base for new generations as more and more people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit stream into the borough. This populous area is a hub for start-ups of all kinds, from tech to artisanal food, and has become a nesting place for people who think outside the box. With the population comprised of a broad spectrum of nationalities and ethnicities, Brooklyn is home to many cultures, languages and ideas. This vibrant setting easily provides inspiration to anyone looking to improve their personal space or neighborhood by creating Brooklyn urban gardens.

The foodie culture in Brooklyn is strong – when designing your urban garden, consider whether you want it to be decorative or functional, or a combination of the two. Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a distinct pleasure providing profound flavors, but you may instead seek the peaceful aesthetic a green garden can provide. While you’re designing your space, seek out ideas from masters of landscaping, art and architecture. Visit Prospect Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux, or the fascinating Floyd Bennett Field and its juxtaposition of the industrial with the natural. Visit the Brooklyn Museum and look to art to inspire you, or walk the beautiful Botanic Garden to get a sense of the wonder and amazement plants can instill in us. Stroll around your neighborhood and inspect other neighborhood gardens to gather ideas. There is so much to see and do in Brooklyn, and these influences are sure to have a positive effect on your gardening ideas.

Brooklyn is a home to many rooftop gardeners and urban farmers. And with its subtropical climate, it’s an excellent place to create your own oasis. If you’re considering an urban garden, Floral Studio’s landscape and Brooklyn urban gardens design experts are here to help you realize your vision, offering recommendations and design assistance based on our decades of experience. We help you create your garden from beginning to finish, from thought to installation, and we offer follow-up maintenance to ensure your garden thrives. Historically agricultural and then swinging to the industrial, it’s only fitting that Brooklynites are interested in rediscovering the borough’s earthy roots.