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At the Floral Studio, we believe that everyone deserves to have custom NYC urban gardens of their own … even if you live in the “concrete jungle” of central Manhattan. And whether you have a terrace in Tribeca, a balcony in Battery Park, a patio in Park Slope or anything in between, our innovative, lush urban garden designs provide the perfect, tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

The experts at Floral Studio are dedicated to providing the best in professional landscape design, custom tailoring your Manhattan garden to fit your distinct personality, style and vision. And whether contemporary or classic, rustic or refined, your urban garden design will be a natural, beautiful and unique extension of your NYC space, fitted specifically to your needs and up to your highest standards.

Our extensive background in horticulture and both traditional and landscape architecture allows us to bring a unique dual perspective to each urban garden and landscape design project. Our rooftop gardening philosophy is to fluidly integrate and individually enhance the natural world and the urban landscape of Manhattan, creating serene, green oases within the unparalleled, iconic New York cityscape. We believe that rooftop gardening and our unparalleled custom NYC gardens truly bring the buildings of New York City to life. Floral Studio is dedicated to developing creative green roof design solutions for our clients’ lifelong enjoyment.

Landscape Design and Installation

At the Floral Studio, we believe that plants have the power to easily and inexpensively transform an outdoor space, adding charm, beauty and tranquility instantly. We want to help you create the landscape of your dreams – a serene green oasis where you can relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the beauty of nature in the middle of the suburbs or in the middle of the city.

Whether we install for you a simple and charming landscape design of shrubs, flowerbeds and trees or an intricate and lavish backyard garden complete with fountains, stone walkways, and custom-built outdoor fireplaces, the experts at the Floral Studio are dedicated to help you design the right landscape plan for your space. We combine our knowledge of horticulture, landscape architecture and traditional architecture with your vision, personality and distinct natural space to give you the custom landscape design of the highest standards tailored specifically to you. And from concept to completion, we will be with you every step of the way to give you the landscape design you’ve always wanted.