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Manhattan Florist Updates

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Corporate Flowers Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Corporate Flower Arrangements- NYC Florist

For many businesses, having corporate flower arrangements delivered weekly is a regular part of keeping reception areas and offices looking nice. Fresh flower arrangements add color and cheer to the workspace, and studies have found that people experience less stress and enhanced creative thinking when they’re around flowers. Are you taking full advantage of fresh… Continue Reading »

Fall Floral Colors

Fall Floral Colors

The Pantone Color Institute’s prediction is that soft blues and reddish browns will be the predominant design hues this autumn. If you’re a person who likes to occasionally change your environment and enjoys staying on top of current trends, these Fall floral colors can easily be incorporated into your living space. And your cut flowers are… Continue Reading »

Breathe In The Joy: Office Plants Can Make You Feel Better

purify the air with indoor botanicals

Spring Cleaning – Start with the Office Air The average American spends ninety percent of their lives indoors. If you’re a hard working New Yorker, odds are you’re inside even longer than that. It’s a decision that might make sense professionally, but it can have a toll on your health. Being away from the great… Continue Reading »

Let Employee Appreciation Bloom!


Where would you be without your employees? Many claim them to be the heart of the business. Acknowledge their achievements, personal or work related, to promote motivation and esteem. A celebratory moment brings the whole office together, especially when it’s a public recognition. Why Celebrate? 75%‐80% of people leave jobs because of relationship issues. Encouraging positive work… Continue Reading »

Why You Should Invest In an NYC Flower Delivery as an Office Gift for Her

NYC Corporate Flower Arrangements

Have a lovely gal working hard in the big city? Then a powerful woman deserves a powerful surprise. It’s a well-known fact Women love flowers, for any occasion or at any point of a relationship – always an appropriate gesture, and always cherished as special. Show Her You Care and She’ll Receive the Message Chivalry… Continue Reading »