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Manhattan Florist Updates

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January Flowers


We just welcomed a new bloom of January flowers that are now in season. Although you may be overwhelmed by your flower options, we’ve helped narrow your search down to some of the best flowers the month of January offers. Ranunculus If you want a more cost effective alternative to the rose and peony, then the… Continue Reading »

Breathe In The Joy: Office Plants Can Make You Feel Better

purify the air with indoor botanicals

Spring Cleaning – Start with the Office Air The average American spends ninety percent of their lives indoors. If you’re a hard working New Yorker, odds are you’re inside even longer than that. It’s a decision that might make sense professionally, but it can have a toll on your health. Being away from the great… Continue Reading »

Celebrate The Holidays In The Office

Decorated Christmas tree and two season centerpieces with greens, pinecones and dainty white and red flowers

Deck the office with boughs of holly! Or, at least ring in the festive season by bringing the holidays to the office. Having Christmas flowers, holiday plants and decorations creates happiness and gets employees and customers into the giving spirit. Recognizing the holidays also creates camaraderie between co-workers and changes the usual, sometimes mundane atmosphere… Continue Reading »

Give Your Employees the Gift of Flowers This Holiday Season

Collage of holiday arrangements with ornament details

The giving season is upon us and for most corporate businesses, providing cash bonuses is an easy way to recognize employees. However, is it always the best? In the Harvard Business Review, Ray Fishman writes about how gifts given to employees dramatically increases morale and productivity. Fishman cites a study conducted by German and Swiss… Continue Reading »

Flower Arrangements, Your Clientele & First Impressions

Variety of NYC Corporate Flower Arrangements

Beautifully designed floral and botanical displays have an irrefutably positive effect on your employees, but what do they provide for your clientele? THE EYE’S QUICK RESPONSE First impressions are key. Take every opportunity to tell the customer that yours is a space where they are welcome and treated professionally. Having a stand-out floral arrangement in… Continue Reading »