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Manhattan Florist Updates

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Caring For Your Floral Arrangement

Caring for your floral arrangement

When we get a new flower arrangement for an anniversary, birthday, special event or just because we’re so excited! Within minutes we have them proudly displayed in our best vase where all eyes can see and look on with envy. However, sometimes that pride can be short lived and flowers wither away quickly. We want… Continue Reading »

Prepare Your Urban Gardens For Some Beauty Rest

Urban Gardens

  At the Floral Studio, we believe your Urban Gardens are the perfect touch to any city home. We create custom design layouts that provide an escape from the hectic city lifestyle, because everyone deserves some relief from the stresses we run into everyday! We are also extremely dedicated to constructing a vision that fits your… Continue Reading »

Creating Unique Autumn Arrangements

Creating Unique Autumn Arrangements

Creating Unique Autumn Arrangements We’ve discussed Fall’s beautiful earthy palette, but what about arrangement and design? Your dinner centerpiece can become a masterpiece by thinking outside the box and introducing unusual elements. Fairy Lights You can achieve a very attractive and fey look by introducing small lights into your arrangements. Small decorative strings of cool… Continue Reading »

Late Summer Weddings

Late Summer Weddings

Late Summer Weddings Late summer weddings are a beautiful affair, one where everything seems to be bathed in golden light and the magic of the season. The sun and the heat decree lighter garb and the palette tends to warmth, evoking the promise of golden harvests and the first orange glow on the leaves’ edges. There… Continue Reading »

Spa-Style Floral Designs for the Home

Spa-Style Floral Designs

Once in a while, after an especially hard week, you feel like having a spa day at home. Treating yourself with spa-style floral designs, creating some home-made facial masks, taking a nice long soak in a bubble bath, applying special hair treatments, giving yourself a pedicure – these are all wonderfully enjoyable and leave you… Continue Reading »