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Celebration: Best Flower Arrangements for Graduation Parties, Spring Weddings & More!

Flower Arrangements for any June celebration

June is jumping! If your calendar is getting filled up fast, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Check out all of these fairs, festivals, and exhibitions going on. June is when most New York City high schools have their graduations. June is also one of the most popular months to get married. Flower Arrangements for… Continue Reading »

The Season Is Changing


Everywhere around us we see signs that the season is changing. The days are growing shorter and the nights have become more cold. Leaves are turning from vivid emeralds and forest greens to brilliant reds and fiery oranges. Although the warmer weather is leaving us, it doesn’t mean the vibrant colors of your garden will leave… Continue Reading »

Summer to Autumn Flowers

Summer to Autumn Flowers

Summer to Autumn Flowers At this time of year, we gaze longingly at the last playful days of summer and look eagerly toward the upcoming fall. The beginning of a new school year, Halloween, and even Thanksgiving are in our thoughts as the cider mills start producing this year’s exquisite batch, bags of Macintosh apples… Continue Reading »