Yellow Rose and Orange Orchid Bouquet



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Fill a room with cheerful warmth by choosing Sweetness, one of the most popular fresh flower arrangements in Floral Studio’s Boutique Collection. This tall, elegant arrangement features all the colors of the sunrise, with brilliantly yellow roses, captivating rust-orange orchids and for contrast and visual interest, the surprising optimism of green hydrangeas.

Every Floral Studio NYC flower delivery is hand-crafted. Blooms are selected to be at the peak of their beauty. Sunshine yellow roses demand attention and deliver joy, while the exotic shape and intense color of the orange orchids add emotional depth. Hydrangeas are known as the herald of spring, beloved by many who love their high-energy feel.

You cannot look at this NYC flower delivery without smiling. Sweetness is the ideal arrangement to have delivered to someone who needs cheering up, whether they’re facing down a tough day in the office or have to spend some time in the hospital. Did you know that research proves that having fresh flowers around boosts workplace productivity and speedy healing? Expect to enjoy the amazing benefits of Sweetness for a long time: it’s a surprisingly durable arrangement that can stand up to even the toughest office environments. Same day NYC flower delivery is available!

Approximately 14″ tall

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