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“When we talk about chronic illness, we have to remember that there are two equally damaging things going on here,” says Karyn Buxman, RN, neurohumorist and author. “There’s the actual illness, whatever that may be, and then there’s the chronic aspect – the fact that this condition is not going away, it’s not getting better, it is what it is pretty much for the rest of your life. That can be just as difficult to deal with – or even more so!”

Buxman is a fierce advocate for self-care, especially for people with chronic illnesses. “You want to look at your environment,” Buxman says. “Are there things around you that you see every day that make you happy just to look at? What do you have that makes you smile?” That’s where nyc fresh flower arrangements come in.

Put a Smile on the Face of Your Friend with Chronic Illness: NYC Fresh Flower Arrangements Delivered

The Ellison Chair in International Horticulture reports that having flowers around greatly increases people’s moods and reduces stress-related depression. “Stress management is key to life with chronic illness,” Buxman says. “Less stress means lower blood pressure, less pain, increased circulation and a generally less agitated GI system. In other words, people who have less stress feel better. When you feel better, you smile more.”

Check out some of the smile-generating fresh flower arrangements in our Boutique Collection.

When’s The Best Time To Send Flowers To A Friend With Chronic Illness?

You can order flower delivery to NYC Hospitals for a friend with a chronic illness any time you’d like to cheer them up. One of the toughest aspects of life with a chronic illness is that it can make it difficult to socialize or get out. As a result, people with chronic illness often experience feelings of depression and isolation. They worry that their friends have forgotten them or simply don’t care any longer. This is especially true for people who are in the hospital for an extended period of time.  Additionally, sending flowers for a birthday, holiday, or other special date is a great idea. NYC flower delivery can be intimidating, but not with Floral Studio.

Let Them Know You Care: Same Day Flower Delivery to Bellevue Hospital, NYU & all NYC Hospitals!

Sending a fresh flower arrangement is a great way to let your friends with a chronic illness know you care while doing something that will actually make them feel better. As your friends look at the colorful blooms and lush, vibrant green foliage, they will feel their spirits lift. Some of the stress they’ve been carrying will slip off of their shoulders. The positive feeling will last and last, as all of our Fresh Flower Arrangements are hand created by an NYC florist, for a long lasting reminder of how much you care.

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