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Late Summer Weddings

Late Summer Weddings

Late Summer Weddings

Late summer weddings are a beautiful affair, one where everything seems to be bathed in golden light and the magic of the season. The sun and the heat decree lighter garb and the palette tends to warmth, evoking the promise of golden harvests and the first orange glow on the leaves’ edges. There are many ways you can make a late summer wedding one to remember. Use the time of year to inspire you, and look to the fall for creative design ideas as we enjoy the second half of the summer.


Consider peaches, oranges, yellows, grains, soft glowing colors contrasted with bright sunny hues. A small amount of light blue or raspberry would provide some much-needed contrast. This year’s official colors are a periwinkle blue and a whispery blush pink. Expand on these colors, intensify the glow and make your late summer wedding look as though it’s occurring during the Golden Hour, a stunning look indeed!

Seasonal Flowers

Look to the harvests and the height of the summer’s heat to inform your creativity. Think of some of the summer’s most iconic wildflowers: Sunflower, Coneflower, Thistle, Clover, Queen Anne’s Lace, Chicory. Look at the shapes and colors and implement them to your advantage. Even if you don’t want to use wildflowers in your wedding (though it’s a delightful idea), take the aesthetic and apply it to your cut flowers. Create cascading untamed bouquets and asymmetrical table arrangements incorporating a wild variety. Use unusual elements like wheat and cattail, and employ the large nodding heads of Hydrangea and Dahlia, the lush deep purple of Coxscomb, feathery Cosmos, Lavender, and the charming Daisy, be it large or small. Try using herbs and ornamental grasses for accents. Create a banquet for the many senses!

Celebrate the summer, celebrate your wedding day and celebrate love! Floral Studio provides professional wedding flower service performed by top-notch designers. Contact us to discuss your plans and let us make your NYC wedding one to remember.