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Variety of NYC Corporate Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements, Your Clientele & First Impressions

Beautifully designed floral and botanical displays have an irrefutably positive effect on your employees, but what do they provide for your clientele?


First impressions are key. Take every opportunity to tell the customer that yours is a space where they are welcome and treated professionally. Having a stand-out floral arrangement in client areas not only pleases the visual senses and puts people at ease, but also signifies your business itself is in full bloom and thriving. They additionally provide a subtle reassurance in your quality of service.

A fresh NYC flower delivery can also visually inform your client about your business. It’s amazing how quickly the human eye processes its surroundings: in MIT News, it’s revealed that the eye takes thirteen to fifty milliseconds to recognize and understand each image from the retina. One has to make an impression in this incredibly short amount of time. Is your space currently capturing the eyes of many or few? What would you like to say to your customers as they enter your business? How do you want them to feel as they tour your establishment?


According to the article “Effects of Floral and Foliage Displays on Human Emotion” (M. Adachi, 2000), a soft palette is more likely to provide calm and peace of mind, and a use of vibrant color is likely to energize. What do you want to achieve with your NYC flower delivery? For instance, one could display a brash bold arrangement in splashy colors to indicate an energetic, artistic environment, or a more muted palette to indicate a sense of solidity and tradition. Botanicals can provide an aura of stability and permanence. A wealth of colors and an array of fragrant scents create a palette from which you can create your personalized statement.


Fresh flowers provide a variety of positive influences on people, and many living in an urban environment especially seek out their benefits. Individuals wish to surround themselves with clean air and green life and it’s always a pleasant surprise to find them in unexpected places. Paying attention to the subtle psychological import of environmental design invests your customers with more trust and confidence in your business.

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Flower Arrangements, Your Clientele & First Impressions