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Manhattan Florist Updates

Shine Bright Branches

New Year, New Florals

New year, new florals! Starting fresh never sounded better and with 2017 finally here, were excited to bring in fresh ideas for new floral arrangements. According to the Floral Trends Forecast expert Michael J. Skaff, there are 4 major color palettes’ we should expect to see a lot of in 2017

Modern Wonders

The old and new look for 2017 will be a mixture of oranges and red offset by touches of gold and purple. For the perfect recreation of these complimentary color, Anthurium, cymbidiums and astilbe. This look combines the modern look of sleek lines with antique touches of textures. Who knew mixing and matching could look so good?
























The French Connection

Featuring soft reds, oranges and muted tones the French connection represents the balance of luxury and sophistication. This new 2017 floral trend can be made with botanical prints and blossomed roses. Other hues of red can be incorporated using viburnum berries which are in season this time of year which can be offset with delicate orchids.
















Jungle Inspired

The Jungle Book has a big influence on floral this year. The new 2017 floral trend is highly reminiscent of the vivid colors within the film. Warm shades of orange, yellow and red all come together to create tropical tones. We also can’t forget the neutral tones of green to break up the warm palette. Our favorite flowers like Calla Lilies and heliconia’s create the jungle look you’ll be looking for this year. Add in some pincushion protea and bromeliads with moss and you can have the perfect floral arrangement in no time.























Force of Nature

For a more muted color palette this year, the Force of Nature is up your alley. Soft blues and green are paired together with bright whites. Calm and tranquil, this look will keep you peaceful throughout the new year. This 2017 floral trend involves hydrangeas and corn flowers. Add in touches of nigella and scabiosa to tie the look together and you can’t wait to be a force of nature.






















As you can see, mix and matching styles are in and ready to be welcomed with open arms. Expect to these trends grow in popularity throughout the next couple of months in 2017. If you’re not ready for change, then of course keep with a style you’re comfortable but this is the best time to try new things. New year, new you!